Clovis Street Vault - Press Conference
Vaulters meet the press

08/06/10 -
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 What do pole vaulters do after the season is over?  Why, pole vault, of course.  But they don't just vault at any vaulting event and they don't just vault, which of course is the best part of the event for vaulters, they come to vault, bowl, eat, be merry with family and friends at the North Amrican Pole Vaulters Association Championships (better known as the Clovis Street Vault) in Clovis, Calif.

This is the 16th annual Clovis Street Vault and it is both fun and challenging for the vaulters. The event is part of the Clovis Farmer's Market that takes over downtown Clovis on Friday nights in August.   Raised runways are set up in the street on Pollasky Avenue making vaulters and spectators up close and personal.  It provides a great time for vaulters and for us on the side. It is a blast. 

This event was initiated in 1994 to promote the sport in a family and friendly atmosphere.  Today, it is one of the most unique pole vaulting competitions in the United States, attracting athletes at all levels of competition grouped into three competitive divisions:  Elite, High School Team and Exhibition. 

The elite athletes this year are: Kyle Ballew (Calif.), Brandon Estrada (Calif.), Mark Hollis (Ind.), Giovanni Lanaro (Mexico), Katy Viuf (Okla.), and Shade Weygandt (Texas).  

Elite Vaulters: (from left) Giovanni Lanaro, Mark Hollis and Brandon Estrada

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